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Bookings and Enquiries.

bookingandenqMaking bookings and enquiries with Mr Myanmar Travel could not be easier. To open an enquiry with us or make a booking just send us an email with your request to any of the following email addresses:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In your email please try to include as much information as possible regarding your plans and ideas for your trip to Myanmar. One of our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will acknowledge your email within 24 hours wherever possible. In order that our consultant may fully understand your needs, they may then send you some questions to answer that will help them plan the perfect trip for you. Mr Myanmar Travel offers a very personalised service to its customers. The travel consultant who answers your request will look after you throughout your enquiry, accept your booking and answer any questions you may have up until your arrival in Myanmar. When you ask us to book travel arrangements for you, we will ask you to forward your international flight details to us (if known), along with your passport details (scanned information page).

*Please note that Myanmar is subject to frequent power outages, which often leads to the temporary loss of our internet connection. Emails sent to us from outside the country sometimes do not reach us. If you have not received an acknowledgement to your email within 36 hours please re-send the message as we may not have received it.


At the time of confirming your booking we will ask you to forward us a deposit. The deposit amount may vary according to the travel arrangements booked. We will inform you of the deposit amount at the time of confirmation. At present there is no international banking system in operation in Myanmar which means you cannot transfer your deposit directly to us. Mr Myanmar Travel works with a Destination Management Company registered in Singapore who accept deposits on our behalf. Deposits are accepted by bank transfer; we will supply you with the relevant bank account and swift code details at the time of booking. In some circumstances we may be able to accept deposits by credit card. As the credit card transaction is also handled in Singapore on our behalf there is a handling fee of 8% levied on the transaction. Once we have received your deposit payment we will issue you with a confirmation invoice stating the arrangements booked, deposit amount received and balance due.

Balance Payments.

Depending on the travel arrangements booked we may ask you to pay for the balance owed either by cash US Dollars on arrival in Myanmar, or in advance by bank transfer. We will advise you of the method of balance payment at the time of booking confirmation. If we request balance payment by US Dollars cash on arrival, please read the important note below regarding the condition of the banknotes we can accept.

Arrival in Myanmar.

On arrival your personal assigned representative will meet you at the airport. Your representative will issue you with your tickets and travel vouchers, answer any last-minute questions you may have and pass on her mobile phone number to you. Should you need any assistance whilst you are in Myanmar your representative will be pleased to help. If you are paying your balance in cash US Dollars your representative will accept the payment from you at this point on our behalf.

Important note regarding Foreign Exchange and US Dollar cash acceptance in Myanmar.

There is currently no international banking network in Myanmar. Almost no establishments can accept credit or debit cards, Travellers Cheques are not accepted and there is no ATM network in operation. Travellers to Myanmar should carry all their funds in the form of cash US Dollars.

Mr Myanmar Travel accepts balance payments in US Dollars (US$100 Bills) only.

Please follow these guidelines carefully when obtaining US Dollars for use within Myanmar.

* Bring a selection of denominations. US$100 Bills to pay for your travel arrangements and to exchange for local currency. US$100 bills will obtain the best rate of exchange. You will need smaller notes to pay for entrance and zone fees and the international departure tax (US$10).
* US Dollar banknotes should be post (after) 1996 issues with a ‘big’ Presidents head.
* Check the serial numbers. Due to past counterfeiting any banknote bearing serial numbers starting with the letters ‘AB’ or ‘CB’ will be refused.
* Check the condition of your banknotes very carefully. All US Dollar banknotes MUST be in pristine, mint condition. Banknotes that are torn, damaged, defaced (written on, marked with stamps or ink, etc) or excessively folded will be refused.

Mr Myanmar Travel, along with all other agencies, ticket sellers, hotels, moneychangers and any other service providers that accept payment in US Dollars, cannot accept any banknotes that do not meet the above criteria.

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