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Terms and Conditions

Mr Myanmar Travel Terms and Conditions.

Where the context permits:

Reference to ‘You’ means you and all persons travelling on your booking.
Reference to ‘We’ and ‘Us’ means Mr Myanmar Travel.

Receipt by us of your initial booking deposit implies that you and all persons in your party have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions.

1. Your Travel Booking.

Whether you travel alone or as a member of a group we will only deal with the lead booking name in all correspondence, including changes, amendments and cancellations. The ‘lead name’ must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking and have the legal capacity and authority to make travel arrangements with us. The ‘lead name’ is fully responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information supplied to us on behalf of all persons travelling and is fully responsible for passing on information accurately to all accompanying persons. If your travel arrangements include flights you are also responsible for informing both us and the airline concerned of details of any persons travelling who have restricted mobility (have difficulty walking 500 metres). You are also fully responsible for informing us of any special needs of anyone in your party. Please note that we cannot accept bookings from women in their third trimester of pregnancy.

You are entirely responsible for ensuring that passports, visas, health certificates, inoculations and any other required documentation are in order before travel and on arrival. Mr Myanmar Travel carries no responsibility or liability for your failure to provide or present correct documentation when requested or any additional costs incurred by you due to any failure by you to comply with necessary requirements. Mr Myanmar Travel contracts a destination management company on request to handle applications for visas on arrival.

It is a condition of your booking with us that all persons travelling including infants and children are adequately insured for the duration of your trip. Mr Myanmar Travel does not organise, provide, recommend, sell or supply insurance for you. Should you fall ill whilst travelling on travel arrangements booked by us we, or our destination management companies or suppliers will endeavour to help you but we will not incur any costs or charges on your behalf. Mr Myanmar Travel accepts no responsibility or liability for the injury, illness or death of you or anyone in your party.

You are not travelling on a package holiday. Mr Myanmar Travel is your travel organiser and does not own or operate any of the travel arrangements we contract on your behalf. You are also entering into a contract with any destination management companies and suppliers linked to your travel arrangements and are also bound by their terms and conditions. We undertake no liability to make available all suppliers and agent’s terms and conditions to you. We take all reasonable care to ensure that our destination management companies and suppliers are efficient and reputable businesses. We have no control over the way they provide their services but we expect these businesses to follow local laws and regulations. Mr Myanmar Travel, its destination management companies and suppliers have not conducted any quality, safety or other checks on the travel arrangements you have booked and make no representation about the suitability of any product or service we arrange. We do not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaim liability for any inaccuracies relating to the transport, accommodation, products and services we may arrange for you. We do not represent or warrant that travel to Myanmar is advisable or free from political or health risks and we are not liable for damages for damage or losses that may result from travel to or within Myanmar. We advise you to review any travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements and advisories issued by your home government.

We do not act as ‘principle’. We undertake no responsibility for and are not liable for the misrepresentations, breaches of contract, breaches of statutory duty or negligence of any carrier, accommodation provider and other suppliers of services who sell their products and services through us. In the event of you suffering personal injury, illness or death as a result of any act or omission of a carrier, accommodation provider or other supplier of services (or their employees) or you having a complaint about the quality of the services provided, your sole right of redress will be against the third party who provided such service and we will be under no liability at all (whether in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever).

Mr Myanmar Travel is not responsible for and has no liability for any purchases you make whilst travelling, whether the merchant concerned is part of an arranged tour or not.

2. Disabilities.

Myanmar is a developing country and has very limited facilities for disabled people. It is your responsibility to supply us with all necessary details regarding any disabled persons in your party, and we accept no responsibility or liability for failing to provide adequate facilities for a disabled person where we were not informed of their needs in advance of travel. We will always do our best to try and meet the needs of disabled travellers but we cannot guarantee to be able to do so. Please be aware that facilities suitable for some disabled travellers may incur a higher charge than similar facilities suitable for able-bodied travellers. We will pass on any additional costs to you. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to disabled travellers with regards to walking, dining, boarding vehicles and other personal needs. Disabled travellers who need such assistance should travel with a fully able companion who will assume full responsibility for their wellbeing. We reserve the right to refuse to make travel arrangements for disabled travellers where we believe that the arrangements we can provide may possibly carry a risk of illness, injury or death for the person concerned. Additionally we are not responsible for, or liable for any denial of service by a carrier, accommodation provider, restaurant or other service provider.

3. Prices, quotations, deposits and payments.

All prices we advertise are accurate at the date published, but we reserve the right to change any of those prices from time to time. When you initially contact us we will endeavour to forward you an accurate quote for the services requested. The price quoted is not guaranteed and may change between the date of initial quotation and the date of booking / deposit payment. We will re-check and supply you with an up-to-date price when you ask us to confirm your arrangements. Our quotations will clearly state only what is included in the price and anything other than that stated will not be included.

We reserve the right to increase the price of your travel arrangements after you have booked with us. This will only happen if there is a change in our costs of supplying travel arrangements to you resulting from transportation charges, (fuel, airport charges, air fares or other transport charges which form part of our contracts with transport providers), currency fluctuations and government or supplier action.

You will be required to pay a deposit in order to confirm your travel arrangements. The deposit amount may vary according to the products and services booked on your behalf. For some products and services and for late bookings we may ask you to pay the full amount at one time. As there is no international banking system at present in Myanmar, we ask that you pay your deposit by bank transfer or credit card to our nominated destination management company or supplier. Mr Myanmar Travel is not responsible for any costs incurred involving bank transfers or credit card payments.

We will move to confirm your travel arrangements only upon confirmed receipt of the requested deposit. We may not be able to hold availability for any product or service until your deposit is received. All customer bookings are accepted on the assumption of availability (request basis). Should a request to book any product or service subsequently be denied by any supplier(s) due to a lack of availability or change of schedule, we will endeavour to source a replacement product or service for you. Should the replacement product or service exceed in cost your original request, we will increase your invoice by the appropriate amount. If the replacement product or service costs less than that originally requested, we will reduce your outstanding invoice by the appropriate amount.
At the time of paying your deposit, or before, we will inform you of when and how you should pay the full balance for your travel arrangements. This may be in advance of travel by bank transfer or credit card, or on arrival in Myanmar by cash payment in US Dollars. If we ask you to pay the balance in cash on arrival, please ensure you read the important ‘Currency and Exchange’ section on the ‘Travel Information’ page on our website, regarding the acceptance of US Dollar cash payments. If you do not make full payment for your arrangements by the required date we will consider the booking cancelled and you will forfeit any deposit paid.

4. Changes, cancellations and refunds.

If you want to change any details of your travel arrangements after you have paid your deposit but before you commence those arrangements you should contact us by email as soon as possible and we will do our best to help. If the change is minor we will endeavour to make the change at no further cost to you. If the change requires more work on our behalf or involves charges levied by our destination management companies or suppliers, we will pass an appropriate charge onto you and we may ask you to pay us that charge by bank transfer or credit card before we action the change. Should you wish to add a product or service the cost will be calculated on the day you ask for and pay for the change. Please be aware that the cost of a product or service may have risen between the date of your original booking and the date of booking amendment. We cannot guarantee the availability of transportation or accommodation for persons wishing to be added to the travel arrangements after the initial booking. Please be aware that airlines and cruise companies may consider a change of name to be a cancellation and therefore cancellation charges would apply. You should also be aware that if you reduce the number of persons in your party this could affect the price payable by the remaining members of the party. For changes requested after commencement of your travel arrangements a 100% charge will apply to any service rescheduled or cancelled.

Should you wish to cancel your booking you should let us know as soon as possible by email and request that we acknowledge receipt of that email. The cancellation charge will vary from loss of deposit to 100% of the cost of your travel arrangements. The cancellation charge we levy is largely dependent on the products and services booked and the terms and conditions of our destination managements companies and suppliers. A ‘no show’ (i.e. not being available to start your travel arrangements on the agreed day) will be considered a cancellation with 100% charges. Additionally, no refund will be made if you abandon your travel arrangements part way through, or miss any scheduled service or meals. No refund will be made in the event that you are refused entry to Myanmar or your visa on arrival application is refused.

We hope that we will not have to make any changes to your travel arrangements but sometimes, due to factors beyond our control, (for instance, the closure of a hotel, a change in flight or ferry schedules, lack of hotel or transport availability) we may have to make changes. We reserve the right to do this at any time and no compensation is payable.

We aim to provide your travel arrangements as booked. But if, for example, there are not enough people booked on your group tour or you do not pay the balance due for your arrangements by the required date, we, or our destination management companies or suppliers may cancel your arrangements. In the event of the cancellation of a group tour due to low numbers travelling we will seek a full refund of monies paid from the supplier. We will deduct an administration fee from any refund. The terms and conditions of our suppliers may allow them to cancel a reservation or booking. Should this occur we will inform you as soon as possible and take steps to rebook you where possible with another supplier. We accept no liability for any cancellation or change or any extra cost incurred by you, and cannot guarantee to be able to rebook you.
Some areas of Myanmar require government-issued permits to enter. We will inform if you need such a permit for your trip and the price of your travel arrangements will include the cost of necessary permits and our expenses in obtaining them. The issue of a permit is beyond our control and is not guaranteed. In the event of a permit being refused we will endeavour to seek a full refund of monies paid for the travel arrangements made (for the area under permit only) from the relevant supplier but we cannot guarantee a refund. We will deduct the cost of the permit application; our and our destination management company’s associated costs and an administration fee from any refund.

No compensation or refund will be paid to you for cancellation or curtailment of booked travel arrangements due to events beyond our control. These include: war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, health risks, technical problems with transport including changes due to rescheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline, closed or congested ports or airports, cyclones and other actual or potential severe weather conditions, government actions and any other similar events.

Mr Myanmar Travel has no responsibility or liability for any consequential loss suffered by you in any circumstances.

5. The conditions of your ticket.

When you travel by air or by sea your journey may be subject to international conventions. You agree that the transport company’s own ‘Conditions of Carriage’ will apply to you on that journey.

6. Contact with you.

All bookings with Mr Myanmar Travel are taken via our website and email. We will contact you via the email address you supply. We will assume that this email address is correct and that you understand the risks associated with using this form of communication.

7. Conduct while travelling.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or continue dealing with you if your behaviour is disruptive or affects other travellers, or is threatening or abusive towards our staff, destination management companies or suppliers in Myanmar, on the telephone, in writing or in person. If the captain of your flight or cruise ship or any of our destination managements companies or suppliers believes that you could be disruptive or that you are suffering from a contagious disease, they can they can refuse to let you proceed with your travel arrangements or restrict your movements on board or disembark you from an aircraft or ship. Mr Myanmar Travel accepts no responsibility or liability for any service booked by you and denied to you due to your illness or disruptive, threatening or abusive behaviour and no refunds or compensation will be payable to you. If you are found to be, or suspected to be engaged in or involved in child prostitution or abuse, we or our destination management companies or suppliers will report you to the relevant authorities.

8. Your accommodation.

Any accommodation we arrange for you must only be used by persons named on your booking confirmation / invoice. You are not allowed to share the accommodation or let anyone else stay there unless you have the agreement of the local management. You are responsible for the cost of any damage caused to your accommodation or its contents during your stay. These charges must be met by you and may have to be paid locally.

9. Problems and complaints.

Myanmar is a developing country and standards may sometimes fall below that of your own country. The power supply in Myanmar is subject to regular interruption. Whilst most of the hotels we contract employ backup generators we cannot guarantee that these will run equipment such as air-conditioning and televisions. If you have booked an air conditioned car please be aware that the poor quality fuel in Myanmar can affect the functioning of air conditioning systems. Mr Myanmar Travel is not liable for any complaint regarding the non-functioning of any appliance due to fuel or power supply. Transport services in Myanmar such as cars, trains, boats and aircraft can break down or be subject to delays. We or our destination management companies or suppliers will endeavour to assist if your trip is subject to breakdown or delay but we accept no liability for extra costs incurred by you, loss of time or the loss of any subsequent booked service.

If you have a problem or complaint whilst in Myanmar you must immediately notify the supplier of the service in question locally. If they are unable to resolve the problem you should contact your representative as soon as possible by telephone and they will endeavour to assist you. We will supply a contact number to you with your documentation. If you do not give us, the local supplier, destination management company or representative the opportunity to resolve the problem locally at the time it occurs by not reporting it, calling or informing us, then we may not be able to deal positively with any complaint on your return. If you are still not satisfied on your return home you should email any complaint to us within 28 days of the final date of arrangements made by us for you. We will not enter into an investigation for any complaint received more than 28 days after you finish your travel arrangements with us. We will endeavour to investigate any complaint fully and respond to you within 28 days of receiving your complaint email.


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